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Kosher — Part II ! 2. The prohibition of blood ! Specific slaughter requirements ! Inspection of animals after slaughter ! De-veining ! Salting and soaking ! All products derived from ! animals must be obtained ! from kosher animals, e.g., ! gelatin, tallow, fat derivatives (emulsifiers, glycerol) Kosher — Part III ! 3. Separation of milk and meat ! Third category: pareve (parve) or neutral ! Makes kosher valuable to many other groups ! 4. Prohibited grains at Passover ! Brings the kosher laws into the plant kingdom ! There are many other laws that are not covered by this
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Unformatted text preview: limited description. Many of these other laws are very important to the production of the modern kosher food supply. Halal ! 1. Prohibition of specific animals, most specifically PORK, but goes beyond food ! 2. Prohibition of drugs and intoxicants, most specifically drinking ALCOHOL (ethanol, ethyl alcohol) including as an ingredient, such as in vanilla flavor ! 3. Prohibition of blood ! Specific slaughter requirements that are very similar to kosher The Major US Symbol to Mark Products as Halal...
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