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l - 00028 - convenience foods are eaten • Food companies...

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12 Aroma Classification According to Foods Group 2 : Large number of compounds are needed to simulate a characteristic aroma. Most foods fall into this group. Food aromas may be natural or derived from food processing. Examples of the latter are the aromas of Coffee, Black Tea, Bread More complex Strawberry : over 300 compounds contribute to strawberry aroma. Other examples are Chocolate and Beer which are too complex to be reproduced from mixtures of known chemicals Uses of sensory evaluation More and more processed and
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Unformatted text preview: convenience foods are eaten. • Food companies need to measure the taste, odor, texture etc. of foods. • A versatile instrument for this is the human sensory system. Uses of sensory evaluation • Grading • Quality Control/ Quality assurance • Product development Grading • Foods can be graded and standardized; this is often done completely by a sensory judgment. – Wine experts – Meat graders (prime, choice, select, standard, utility, cutter)...
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