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18 Consumer testing The Brain The Brain Generally, for the consumer, the input from all the senses is integrated into a perceptual whole. Context, expectancies, knowledge and memory - concepts that we have about the world can manipulate our senses . Yet, the overwhelming amount of information coming in to the brain from all kinds of senses is so great that the brain could still be potentially overloaded. To prevent such information overload, the brain has several strategies. And this is where the problems begins. Attention: Foreground and Background Attention: focusing on some parts of the input rather than all of it
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Unformatted text preview: • For instance, if you were listening to somebody talking on the street, your brain would focus on the sound of their voice and the visual image of the person talking. • It is as though the person talking and the sound of their voice were the foreground of your perception and everything else were background. • The brain does this quite automatically. So you can choose your area or focus quite deliberately (You can choose what will be foreground and what will be background) •The first strategy to prevent ‘information overload’...
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