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4 Thomas Jefferson 14 Parts of a Corn Kernel Endosperm is about 82% of the kernel's dry weight and is the source of energy and protein (starch) for the germinating seed. Hull (bran) is the outer covering of the kernel that protects it from deterioration Germ is the only living part of the corn kernel. It contains the essential genetic information, enzymes, vitamins and minerals for the kernel to grow into a corn plant. About 25% of the germ is corn oil 15 Corn is separated into its components -- starch, oil, protein and fiber -- and converted into higher value products:
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Unformatted text preview: Corn sweeteners are the most important refined corn products. Last year, corn sweeteners supplied more than 56 percent of the U.S. nutritive sweetener market. Ethanol is the second major refined corn product, which is gaining increasing acceptance as option for motor fuels. Starch is the third major corn product. In addition to sweeteners, ethanol and starches -- all made from the starch portion of the corn -- refiners produce corn oil and a variety of important feed products 16 Corn Processing...
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