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7 25 Breakfast Cereals and “Health Food” Movement 26 Sylvester Graham Mid-1800s – Presbyterian minister in Pennsylvania, vocal vegetarian advocate Recommended vegetarian diets with bread made from whole grain flour (“graham” flour) and graham crackers Linked moral purity and clean living with dietary choice – led to bland diets without meat, salt, spices, white bread, alcohol, tobacco In 1863, inspired development of “granula” by Dr. J.C. Jackson in NY, made from graham flour formed into sheets, and broken up into pieces 27 Dr. John H. Kellogg In mid-1800s, Battle Creek Michigan was headquarters to Seventh Day Adventists church In 1863, Church leader Ellen White was
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Unformatted text preview: inspired to make a pure vegetarian the official church diet Dr. John Kellogg was hired to manage the church-run sanitarium, which came to be known as the San 28 n Dr. J Kellogg believed most illnesses had their origins in an unhealthy bowel; he recommended a vegetarian diet, rich in whole grains and yogurt, and regular enemas n He developed his own version of granula, was promptly sued by Dr. Jackson, and the term granola was born; also developed granose flakes n Brother William K. Kellogg was the idea man behind the Battle Creek Toasted Corn Flake Company, 1906, which eventually became Kellogg...
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