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8 29 C.W. Post Cereals C. W. Post came to Battle Creek and “the San” a very ill man, and a business failure Became interested in diet and health, and opened his own medical boarding house C.W. Post is credited as being the first person to use print advertising to promote interest in his products; eventually became a millionaire Legumes Third largest family among the flowering plants Second most important food after cereals Legumes origins
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Unformatted text preview: • Near East Lentil, Pea, Chick pea, Broad bean • Asia Mung bean, Soybean • Central and South American Common bean, Lima bean History of Soybean • Soybean originated from China – was considered as one of the five sacred grains • Domestication and processing began since Shang Dynasty (1700 – 1100 B.C.) or earlier • First introduced by a Yankee clipper in 1804 when returning to the U.S. from China...
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