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10 PHOTOSYNTHESIS Plants have chlorophyll (green pigment found in chloroplasts) which make photosynthesis possible. CO 2 + H 2 0 + light ! sugar + 0 2 Fruit = derived from the ovary; surrounds the seeds Vegetable = other parts of the plant •stem (asparagus, celery) •roots (beets, carrot, radish) •leaves (lettuce, spinach) •flowers (broccoli, artichoke) FRUIT DEFINITIONS Oxford Dictionary: Edible product of plant or tree, consisting of seed and its envelope, especially the latter juicy or pulpy.” Consumer:
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Unformatted text preview: Plant products with aromatic flavors, which are either naturally sweet or normally sweetened before eating. Willis et al. (1981) Compare to Botanical: A plant that contains one or more matured ovaries. Fig Peduncle Strawberry Receptacle Mangosteen Aril Pomegranate seed Outer layer Of the testa Peach Mesocarp Orange Endodermal Intralocular tissue Grapes Pericarp Tomato Placental intralocular tissue Septum Pineapple Peduncle Pedicel Cashew apple FRUITS...
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