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13 Some fruits: Pineapples are native to Brazil. Christopher Columbus took them to Spain from South America in the late 1400s. The avocado is also native to South America. In China, apricots were grown 4000 years ago and peaches over 2000 years ago. It is not known for certain where the lemon originated but India, Burma and southern China are the most likely places. Greece is one country where olives first grew. Pears grew wild in Britain. M Cámara, 2006 Some vegetables: Cauliflower comes from China. Carrots , one of the world's most popular vegetables, were purple, until about the 1600s. The orange ones were grown in Holland and sold to other countries in the 1600s and 1700s. Slaves, building the pyramids in ancient Egypt (about 4000 years ago), ate onions, garlic and radishes. The ancient Greeks cooked and ate wild
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Unformatted text preview: asparagus . Green beans were grown in North and South America. M Cámara, 2006 Potatoes originated in South America and were taken to England and Europe by explorer Francis Drake in the 1500s. At first people didn't eat them, they just grew the plant because they thought it looked pretty! Spinach was first grown in Persia (Iran). Sweet corn was given to explorer Christopher Columbus by the people of Cuba in the 1492. He took the plant back to Spain. Also Tomatoes come from South America and Spanish explorers took them to Europe in the 1500s. M Cámara, 2006 Newcomers: Broccoli Brussels sprouts celery THE WAY WE EAT VEGGIES : At least since Greeks fruits were eaten as a dessert. Middle ages # salads Boiled vegetables # 17th century France...
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