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14 Relative importance of the 17 most important cultivars (vegetables world production FAO, 2005). RICE (13,8%) WHEAT (11,4%) POTATOES (5,5%) MAÍZ ( 3,1%) MANDIOCA (2,7%) TOMATO (2,7%) BONIATO (1,7%) BANANA (1,5%) APPLES (1,4%) MIJO (0,7%) ONIONS (1,2%) SUGAR BEET (0,7%) COCONUT (0,5%) GRAPES (0,5%) BANANA (0,5%) SORGO (0,5%) SENSORY ATRIBUTES Texture depends on •Thickness of cell walls •Type of cells making up the cell wall
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Unformatted text preview: Color depends on # and type of plastids Flavor depends on the contents of the storage vacuoles SENSORY ATRIBUTES Fat soluble green pigment with Magnesium atom bound to center During heating Mg +2 gets replaced by H + ions and turns olive color If Mg +2 replaced w/ copper ion (Cu +2 ) then it turns bright green Chlorophyll # Green...
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