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19 Apple Apricot Avocado Banana Mango Papaya Passion fruit Peach Pear Plump Tomato Black Berry Cherry Pepino Grape Pomelo Lemon Melon Orange Pineapple Strawberry CLIMATERICS NON CLIMATERICS STORAGE AND PRESERVATION Refrigeration (slows biochemical activity) T = 0 – 12 ºC Freezing (Stops respiratory processes) Canning organisms) Drying (Reduced water content so very little can grow) Preserves (Increase sugar content which dehydrates
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Unformatted text preview: microbes by osmotic pressure) Pickling (use of acid or fermenting) Controlled - Modified Atmosphere Controlled - Modified Atmosphere Air Controlled (%) atmosphere (%) Oxygen (O 2 ) 21 2-3 Carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) 0.03 1-7 Nitrogen 79 90-97 BENEFITS Longer storage life retard ripening retard decay prevent disorders maintain texture Year-round availability Better quality product...
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