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20 CHANGES DURING COOKING Texture -tenderize by weakening cell wall and extracting water Color Nutritional Value -loss of vitamins/ minerals HEALTH BENEFITS OF PLANT FOODS HEALTH BENEFITS - CARDIOVASCULAR PREVENTION - ANTI -CANCER - INMUNE SYSTEM STIMULATION - OBESITY PREVENTION - AGGING PREVENTION Antioxidants Phenolic compounds Selenium Vitamins B Vitamin C Antioxidants Antioxidants Fiber Pectins Antioxidants Sulfur compounds Minerals: Ca, P, Mg Cámara, Sánchez, Torija, 2003 Ascorbic acid Folates Carotenoids Citrus Strawber. Kiwi Melon Coliflower Brussel sprouts Spinachs Peas Green Beans Peper Cabagge Strawberr Orange Banana Brussel
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Unformatted text preview: sprouts Green leafes Apricot Cherries Kaki Mandarine Melon Orange Nisperus Grape fruit Water melon Green beans Letucce Maiz Peper Tomato Carrots Vitamin E Sulfur compounds Phenolic compounds Spinach Green peas Letucce Pepers Garlic Brocoli Brussel sprouts Red cabagge Coliflower Rábanos Cabagge Apricot Blue berries Cherries Plump Strawberry Lemon Mandarine Apple Peach Black berry Orange Pears Grape fruit Grapes Celery Eggplant Brocoli Onions Sprouts Beans Red cabagge Puerro Pepers Tomato Cámara, Sánchez, Torija, 2003 BIOACTIVE PHYTOCHEMICALS...
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