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21 CONSUMER TRENDS AND RECOMENDATIONS WHO (World health organization) total of 400 g # “5 a day” USA “Mypyramid” (USDA, 2005) 2-4 fruit servings 3-5 veggies “serving” # 150-200 g fruits 100-150 mL juices 100-250 g veggies. ORGANIC AGRICULTURE Organic agriculture is based on minimal use of synthetic off- farm inputs and on practices that restore, maintain and enhance
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Unformatted text preview: ecological harmony. It promotes and enhances biodiversity, biological control of pests, and soil biological activity (NOSB 1995). It has standards & a certification process that are clearly outlined and enforced by National Organic Food Production Act, the California Department of Food and Agriculture Organic Program, and third-party certifiers registered by the state....
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