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22 Organic Food Labeling in USA: 100% Organic ” - entirely organic ingredients Organic ” - 95% or more organic ingredients Made with organic ingredients ” : 70-95% organic Organic ingredients ” - less than 70% organic ingredients In the European Union: Under the USDA rules, " organic " means: " Products are not genetically engineered or irradiated to kill germs. " Crops are grown on land that has not been fertilized with sewage sludge or chemical fertilizers . Soil health is managed through crop rotation, planting of cover crops and application of plant and animal fertilizer. " Pests and plant diseases are treated primarily with insect predators, traps, natural repellants, and other nonchemical methods. A list of allowable synthetic substances includes alcohol, hydrogen peroxide and soap-based algaecide. " Weeds are controlled by mulching, mowing, hand weeding or mechanical cultivation, not chemical herbicides Dr. Herman Phaff Dr. William Cruess
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