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Unformatted text preview: Value of Bt Corn Bt Corn Non Bt Corn Roundup Ready® Soybeans Roundup R eady soybeans, are r esistant to Roundup R eady herbicides (glyphosate) Chymosin is the primary active ingredient in rennet. Rennet or chymosin is essential to the manufacture of firm cheeses. Traditionally, rennet is used for the clotting of milk. Rennet is obtained from frozen calf stomachs using acid-base extraction and subsequent purification. Nursing calves need the chymosin enzyme in order to digest the milk they receive. Procedure: 1. The chymosin gene isolated from calf stomachs is transferred to appropriate producer organisms. 2. These are allowed to multiply and are cultivated in a closed system (fermenter), in which they release chymosin into the culture liquid. 3. This chymosin is separated and is cleaned of possible impurities and of leftovers of the GM microorganisms. 4. Today ~85% of cheese in the USA and Great Britain is manufactured using chymosin produced using gene technology. 5 ...
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