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anth 2 112006 - Anth 2 112006 [email protected] Ongkas...

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Anth 2 112006 [email protected] Ongka’s Big Moka * In US [& other Modern-capitalist societies], primary criteria of social status: Accumulating/producting Film mentioned: Money, Success, Job, Possessions commodities and experience as signs of achieved status Kaweelka’s criteria for social status? giving “moka” o “most important thing in their lives” unified as attempts to achieve prestige o “esteem, respect, or approval for culturally valued acts of equalities” o To establish position/worth relative to others o However, criteria and logic of systems different Mode of subsitence [type of agriculture?] horticulture, but more intensive political organization? o Tribal Big man: regional figure Leads not thru authority but through persuasion mode [logic of exchange? In general, ? o Redistribution on inter-personal level? o Reciprocity [generalized, balanced, negative] market exchange? o
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anth 2 112006 - Anth 2 112006 [email protected] Ongkas...

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