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Anth 2 112206 - Anth 2 112206 human kinship is not a...

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Anth 2 112206 “human kinship is not a naturally given set of blood raltionships but a culturllly variable system of meaningful categories” (sahlins,M 1976 -cross culturally, the social construction of kinship illustrates considerable diversity. Families, descent, kinship, and marriage Kinship calculation way in which people reckon kinship -relationship they consider relevant or valuable must determine ethnographically descent groups non-industrial food producers permanent social unit i.e corporate group largely ascribed status frequently exogamous relative to matriline or patriline lineages(demo) and clans(stip.):both apical ancestry -e.g Old testament (mix of two) reinforced w/ residence pattern -matrilineality associated w/matrilocality; patrilineality w/ patrilocality -covariance bilateral descent -Not automatically excluded -Choose of which group of 4 they want to be a part -Informed by climate of achieved status
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kinship terminology genealogical kinship types -kin terms. Reflect cultural construction
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