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anth 2 120606 - Unit • Experience where we have been and...

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Anth 2 120606 Pre-modernity<Modernity Pre-modernity modernity m.o.p.; feudal capitalist; relationship peasants- havenots- nobility haves dominant ascribed; pos. achieved; position status; in kinship in system of production criteria System “signs” of social know; commodities; Social dif; kinship group individual Central Social unit Two profound historical breaks: 1. pre-modernity to modernity 2. Industrialism to postindustrialism W/in Modernity Industrialism-postindustrialism Production/ Industrial Postindustrial Consumption m.o.p.; capitalist; capitalist; relationship havenots-haves havenots-haves dominant status; achieved; position achieved; primary criteria in system of styles of consumption production “signs” of social commodities; experience; Difference; individual individual Central social
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Unformatted text preview: Unit • Experience: where we have been and what we have done o tourists is a example Nest in the Wind • reflexive ethnography Grief and a Headhunter’s Rage • Illongot: take “heads” out of grief How did RR come to fully appreciate this logic? • when he went through loss of his wife so he experienced grief, understood Moving Back to Modernity • last 200 years urbanization, but now reversal [cities to rural] Contemporary rural gentrification [Modernity] and postindustrialism Who’s Moving In? • retirees • national cultural elite • global economic elite • international millenarian religious sect; & • middle class Modernity: authenticity and progress...
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anth 2 120606 - Unit • Experience where we have been and...

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