anth 2 120606

anth 2 120606 - Unit Experience: where we have been and...

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Anth 2 120606 Pre-modernity<Modernity Pre-modernity modernity m.o.p.; feudal capitalist; relationship peasants- havenots- nobility haves dominant ascribed; pos. achieved; position status; in kinship in system of production criteria System “signs” of social know; commodities; Social dif; kinship group individual Central Social unit Two profound historical breaks: 1. pre-modernity to modernity 2. Industrialism to postindustrialism W/in Modernity Industrialism-postindustrialism Production/ Industrial Postindustrial Consumption m.o.p.; capitalist; capitalist; relationship havenots-haves havenots-haves dominant status; achieved; position achieved; primary criteria in system of styles of consumption production “signs” of social commodities; experience; Difference; individual individual Central social
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Unformatted text preview: Unit Experience: where we have been and what we have done o tourists is a example Nest in the Wind reflexive ethnography Grief and a Headhunters Rage Illongot: take heads out of grief How did RR come to fully appreciate this logic? when he went through loss of his wife so he experienced grief, understood Moving Back to Modernity last 200 years urbanization, but now reversal [cities to rural] Contemporary rural gentrification [Modernity] and postindustrialism Whos Moving In? retirees national cultural elite global economic elite international millenarian religious sect; &amp; middle class Modernity: authenticity and progress...
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anth 2 120606 - Unit Experience: where we have been and...

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