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Anth 2 120806 Modernity: nostaligia for authenticity The Rpocky Mountain West as the metaphoric US frontier Authenticity: progress of natural environment Authenticity: progress of rural-agricultural environment o Patrick: authenticity of agricultural landscape Two profound historical breaks: 1. pre-modernity to modernity 2. industrialism to postindustrialism rural gentrification as evidence of postindustrialization: o newcomers’ vision of rockies=landscape of consumption/recreation o natives’ belief that ‘highest and best use’ as site of production Cultural patterns change modernity unleashed a maelstrom [ a restless, disordered, or tumultuous state of  affairs] w/ which all of us are still contending Modernization=Westernization o By pursuing authenticity and progress, we are agents of this colonization
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Unformatted text preview: the trick as an anthropologist? o interaction of West and non-west reflection of our desires o cultural colonization impetus to this process: 1. logic of capitalism [need to expand, to find cheap labor, more resources, new markets] 2. logic of Modernity [progress/achieved status] o profoundly interwined [see Weber] Cannibal Tours how is search for authenticity manifest? o Search for primitive art o Preoccupation w/ idea of cannibalism where is abiding concern w/ progress evident? o Paternalism: we must help them Dont really live; more like vegetating fate of [formerly?] colonized world o integrated into global capitalism as commodity producers minerals, agricultural goods, cultural experiences...
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