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Hist 010907 - • making comparisons • types of sources o...

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Hist 010907 Lecture 1 Register online Abbreviations: b. born c. century ca. circa, around or about fl. Floruit [“flourished”] r. reigned/ruled counting centuries o 430 BC-fith century o 44 BC –first century BC o AD 41-first century AD o Ad 375-fourth century AD o Ad 400-fourth century AD BC/BCE, AD/CE What is History o Istorie: “research, inquiry” o Fact + interpretation=history try to find connections btwn things o ie coin v. statue, interactions warfare affects gender roles, politics, etc
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Unformatted text preview: • making comparisons • types of sources o writing issues: • production: who wrote it, why, what was the audience • transmission: ie manuscripts recopied • translation: retranslated from original into English o archaeology excavation survey lab research o historical models and analogies observing something and using It to ask q’s about the past...
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