Hist 011807 Lecture 4

Hist 011807 Lecture 4 - Achaemnid Military forces not...

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Hist 011807 Lecture 4 The Persian Empire Assyrians [1000-612 BC] most powerful state in east for 4 centuries iron lead to success o iron weapons, armor, warfare administration o divide empire into provinces, kept under control o built roads for troops Assyrian terror o Burnt down cities, etc. Neo-Babylonians [612-539BC] Babylonian Captivity o Expanded empire and destroyed last kingdom of Hebrews and deported them to Mesopotamia Hebrews-Monotheism Cyrus the Great the cylinder inscription of cyrus Darius I the Behistun Inscription of Darius Achamenid dynasty [until 330BC] Darius passed on kingship to famly Zoroastrianism religion emphasizes ethical dualism [follow good or follow evil] document: Gathas [hymns] Persepolis Satrapy Persian practice Ruler of province is Satrap Royal Road-equipped with relay stations, messages could travel 1500 km in a week
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Unformatted text preview: Achaemnid Military forces not standardized, single army, diverse collection of unit from Satraps Near Eastern Empires universality and imperial ideology hierarchy administration Achaemenid Empire speed of conquest, rapid local diversity and autonomy revolts and rebellions imperial succession Local Autonomy: jews in the Achaemenid Empire free to do their own thing coined their own money temple rebuilt, 6 th c. BC-bring printed copy, also online http://archserve.id.ucsb.edu/history/lee/2a/-only cite text, not research ppr bronze and Iron developed 3000-500BC new tools, etc the Behistun Inscription of Darius Document 5: Herodotus, Persian ideals...
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Hist 011807 Lecture 4 - Achaemnid Military forces not...

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