Hist 011807 Lecture 4

Hist 011807 Lecture 4 - Achaemnid Military forces • not...

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Hist 011807 Lecture 4 The Persian Empire Assyrians [1000-612 BC] most powerful state in east for 4 centuries iron lead to success o iron weapons, armor, warfare administration o divide empire into provinces, kept under control o built roads for troops Assyrian terror o Burnt down cities, etc. Neo-Babylonians [612-539BC] Babylonian Captivity o Expanded empire and destroyed last kingdom of Hebrews and deported them to Mesopotamia Hebrews-Monotheism Cyrus the Great the cylinder inscription of cyrus Darius I the Behistun Inscription of Darius Achamenid dynasty [until 330BC] Darius passed on kingship to famly Zoroastrianism religion emphasizes ethical dualism [follow good or follow evil] document: Gathas [hymns] Persepolis Satrapy Persian practice Ruler of province is Satrap Royal Road-equipped with relay stations, messages could travel 1500 km in a week
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Unformatted text preview: Achaemnid Military forces • not standardized, single army, diverse • collection of unit from Satraps Near Eastern Empires • universality and imperial ideology • hierarchy • administration Achaemenid Empire • speed of conquest, rapid • local diversity and autonomy • revolts and rebellions • imperial succession Local Autonomy: jews in the Achaemenid Empire • free to do their own thing • coined their own money • temple rebuilt, 6 th c. BC-bring printed copy, also online http://archserve.id.ucsb.edu/history/lee/2a/-only cite text, not research ppr • bronze and Iron developed 3000-500BC • new tools, etc the Behistun Inscription of Darius Document 5: Herodotus, Persian ideals...
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Hist 011807 Lecture 4 - Achaemnid Military forces • not...

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