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Lecture 110606 - buildup of acetaldehyde causes withdrawals...

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Lecture 110606 Paper due next wednesday Alcohol [print ppt] extras: Psychoactive-changes behavior Gaba-inhibitory neurotransmitter is activated Predictable drug Only drug that enters the blood system in its original state, diffuses quickly Used for sedation Proteins are good to eat before drinking alcohol, not just bread! 85-95% of metabolism occurs in the liver Men typically test out with higher levels of alcohol dehydrogenase, lower bal
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Unformatted text preview: buildup of acetaldehyde causes withdrawals after having alcohol Metabolism and Excretion: we metabolize 1 oz of alcohol per hour* [1oz glass 80 proff whiskey, 4 oz glass of wine, 12 oz bottle of beer] Glutamate Receptors: Removal of ethanols inhibitory effects results in withdrawal signs like seizures GABA in book Effective drug in turning the mind off Augmentation: make bigger, increase Serotonin: alters mood...
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