eeg_region_peaks - function[regions =...

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function [regions] = eeg_region_peaks(p,times,regions,missing) % eeg_region_peaks - Find peaks in regions of electrodes % % Usage: [regions] = eeg_region_peaks(p,times,regions,missing) % % requires and p.volt.timeArray % % 'times' is 1 row x 3 columns, with values % for start, peak and end time windows (in that order) % in the scale of p.volt.timeArray % % 'regions' is optional. When omitted or an empty matrix, % it is created by elec_regions.m, see that function for % more information. % % 'missing' is a boolean switch. If missing = 0, then % the maximal region value at the peak time (ie, times(r,2)) % is returned. This avoids missing values in the return % data (default). % % returns 'regions' - an array of structures with % negtimes. The latter are arrays of the max/min peak % values at the time windows of 'times'. % % Depends on eeg_peaks & sometimes elec_regions. Called % in, for example, eeg_region_peaks_script.m % % $Revision: 1.1 $ $Date: 2009/04/28 22:13:53 $ % Licence: GNU GPL, no express or implied warranties % History: 03/2002, % %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% % Check p structure fields if ~isfield(p.volt,'timeArray'), msg = sprintf('EEG_REGION_PEAKS: p.volt.timeArray does not exist.\n'); error(msg); end if isempty(p.volt.timeArray),
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eeg_region_peaks - function[regions =...

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