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% eeg_region_peaks_script - analyse regional ERP peaks eeg_load_data_script; % Define ERP time windows of analysis, % corresponding to ERP component peak(s) times = [300 700]; clear exp con for g=1:length(groups), for s=1:length(subs), for t=1:size(times,1), % Find regional peaks for experimental condition sub = sprintf('%s%02d%s%s',groups{g},subs(s),cond{1},ext); fprintf('Selecting %s\n',sub); = eval(sub); p.volt.timeArray = timeArray; regions = eeg_region_peaks(p,times(t,:)); exp(t,g).sub(s,:) = {sub}; exp(t,g).group(s,:) = groups(g); exp(t,g).cond(s,:) = cond(1); exp(t,g).times(s,:) = times(t,:); exp(t,g).names(s,:) = {}; exp(t,g).pospeaks(s,:) = [regions.pospeaks]; exp(t,g).postimes(s,:) = [regions.postimes]; exp(t,g).poselecs(s,:) = [regions.poselecs]; exp(t,g).negpeaks(s,:) = [regions.negpeaks]; exp(t,g).negtimes(s,:) = [regions.negtimes]; exp(t,g).negelecs(s,:) = [regions.negelecs]; % Run control condition, being careful to select the % same electrodes in each region where peaks are % detected in the above experimental condition sub = sprintf('%s%02d%s%s',groups{g},subs(s),cond{2},ext);
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This note was uploaded on 10/06/2010 for the course ENG 42325 taught by Professor Lagerstrom during the Spring '10 term at UC Davis.

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eeg_region_peaks_script - % eeg_region_peaks_script -...

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