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ctf_read - function[ctf =...

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function [ctf] = ctf_read(folder,CHAN,TIME,TRIALS,COEFS); % ctf_read - Read data from a CTF .ds folder % % [ctf] = ctf_read( [folder], [CHAN], [TIME], [TRIALS], [COEFS] ); % % eg, % ctf = ctf_read; % inputs are all optional % ctf = ctf_read('/data/directory/datasetname.ds'); % ctf = ctf_read(folder,'meg','all','all'); % % ctf struct returned has fields: % % folder: full path to .ds folder % res4: the .res4 file path and version % setup: dataset header parameters % sensor: sensor data, including type, position and orientation % data: all of the data in a 3D matrix, with rows of samples, columns % of channels and frames of epochs, so: % data(1,:,:) is the first sample, for all channels and epochs % data(:,1,:) is the first channel, for all samples and epochs % data(:,:,1) is the first epoch, with all samples and channels % % This function calls, in this order: % % ctf_read_res4 - to read in header, gain/offset, and sensor information % ctf_read_meg4 - to read in the data % % INPUTS--------------------------------------------------------------------- % folder: The .ds directory of the dataset. If not given, a graphical % prompt for the folder appears.
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  • ThomasHolland
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