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ctf_write_mrishape - function...

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function ctf_write_mrishape(MRIShape,mri) % ctf_write_mrishape - write a CTF .shape file % % ctf_write_mrishape(MRIShape,mri) % % - MRIshape is an Nx3 list of MRI voxel locations (described below) % - mri is a struct returned by ctf_read_mri; if it is empty, this function % will prompt with a file browser and read in the file identified. The mri % struct contains the mri.file field, which is used to define the name of % the .shape and the .shape_info output files. Also, the fiducials and % other information in this struct are required to output the .shape_info % file. The .shape and .shape_info files are required to import the data % into CTF's MRIViewer. % % The *.shape file is an ascii text file in the following format: % % Number of Points % x1 y1 z1 % x2 y2 z2 % . % . % . % xn yn zn % % These vertex coordinates are contained in the input MRIShape % matrix (Nx3). The coordinate values must be in centimeters in % either the voxel MRI coordinate system or the MEG Head Coordinate % System (see ctf_read_mri for more about the coordinate system). % % This function assumes the MRI coordinate system is required. The % CTF MRI volume is 256x256x256 voxels, each has 1mm isotropic % dimensions. Hence, the mm coordinates are also the slice % indices. In this function, the first column of MRIShape is the % Sagittal slice dimension, the second column is the Coronal slice % dimension and the last column is the Axial slice dimension. The % values should range from 1 to 256, with higher values indicating % Right, Posterior and Inferior directions, respectively. This
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  • Spring '10
  • ThomasHolland
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ctf_write_mrishape - function...

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