plot_3Dsensor - end %create patch (Sylvain's code)

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function hf = plot_3Dsensor(channelfile,M,mesh,flat) %function hf = plot_3Dsensor(channelfile,M,mesh,flat) % %Plots the channels, including the topography of measurements M, with or %without a mesh % %inputs: %channelfile: a file that contains a Channel structure, produced by BrainStorm %M: a (nSensors x 1) vector with the measurements on the sensors. Use zeros % if you only want to see the sensors %mesh: 'y' or 'n', plots a mesh around the sensors %flat: 'y' or 'n', to get a flat mesh % %eg, use: %plot_3Dsensor('GA_HiN_CueLInvNT-fEOG_channel.mat',zeros(275,1),'y') % % Author: Dimitrios Pantazis, PhD Student, USC, February 2005 %load channel file load(channelfile) %get channel locations ndx = 1; for i=1:size(Channel,2) %for all channels if strfind(Channel(i).Type,'MEG') & isempty(strfind(Channel(i).Type,'REF')) %if MEG MEGndx(ndx) = i; chanlocs(:,ndx) = Channel(i).Loc(:,1); ndx = ndx+1; end end chanlocs = chanlocs'; %if M does not exist, assign zeros if(~exist('M')) M = zeros(size(MEGndx,2),1); end if(~exist('mesh','var')) mesh = 'y';
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Unformatted text preview: end %create patch (Sylvain's code) chanlocs(:,3)=chanlocs(:,3)-max(chanlocs(:,3)); [TH,PHI,R]=cart2sph(chanlocs(:,1),chanlocs(:,2),chanlocs(:,3)); %PHI2=zeros(size(PHI)); R2=R./cos(PHI).^.2; [Y,X]=pol2cart(TH,R2); %Y et X sont les coordonnes projetees dans le plan 'tangent superieur' pour chaque capteur bord = convhull(Y,X); ncapt = size(chanlocs,1); [center,R] = bestfitsph(chanlocs); coordC = chanlocs-(ones(ncapt,1)*center'); tri = convhulln(coordC./(norlig(coordC)'*ones(1,3))); keep = find(~(ismember(tri(:,1),bord) & ismember(tri(:,2),bord) & ismember(tri(:,3),bord))); tri = tri(keep,:); %plot patch hf = figure; if exist('flat') & strcmp(flat,'y') h =trisurf(tri,X,Y,zeros(273,1),M); %flat view(90,270) else h =trisurf(tri,chanlocs(:,1),chanlocs(:,2),chanlocs(:,3),M); view(0,90); end set(h,'edgecolor','none','facecolor','interp') axis equal axis off axis vis3d if(strcmp(mesh,'y')) set(h,'edgecolor','black'); set(h,'marker','*'); end set(gcf,'color','white');...
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This note was uploaded on 10/07/2010 for the course ENG 42336 taught by Professor Thomasholland during the Spring '10 term at UC Davis.

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plot_3Dsensor - end %create patch (Sylvain's code)

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