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04 - p 53 P37 5 Ross p 53 P48(note do the calculations...

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BTRY/STSCI 4080 Homework # 4 Due Date: 9/30/10 Problem numbers beginning with P (e.g., P1) denote problems from the “PROB- LEMS” section; those beginning with T (e.g., T1) denote problems taken from the “THEORETICAL EXERCISES” section. 1. Ross: p 51, P16 2. Ross: p 52, P20 (see P18 for deFnition of blackjack) 3. Ross: p 52, P28 4. Ross:
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Unformatted text preview: p 53, P37 5. Ross: p 53, P48 (note: do the calculations assuming people are equally likely to be born in any given month; do not worry about di±erences in the number of days per month.) 6. Ross: p 54, P55 (note: use Prop 4.4.) 7. Ross: p 102, P9 8. Ross: p 102, P11 9. Ross: p 102, P12 10. Ross: p 102, P13...
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