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Sociology 360 - In Class Essay 1

Sociology 360 - In Class Essay 1 - u.r ho&lrr*hp...

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How Sociology 360 In-Class Essay #1 Nam" Mar*ha. $€r,rln is social inequality created and perpetuated according to Marx? According to Weber? ,/l hn;tlel -f he 'hctrr *li:f:; " (tlnri,riir,j r.Jrr5r;) ls{ug , .tJrp }-}}*rf "f$e,, a ( pgopir
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Unformatted text preview: u.r ho &lrr *hp r!'lrfii'lg n{ tla (-t-,<:r *i d. 'f'n toc*uct'r CorneS &,:rr. $our f.,.sl'*-,rja - A$*in, *Jrrrr is -i.he flr,rf ni:t$ " ", t Sr.f 5*e niS ; lle# r: r 'n.;i ,,ai i;al - Aecquse f'tcry theo{ { a*us cl*s: n€r...
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