interview 2 - Interview#2 Embracing the Shortcuts The...

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Interview #2: Embracing the Shortcuts The subject for my second interview was my cousin Thai, a freshman engineer major here at UT. I chose him because I wanted somebody who was fairly comfortable with math and since he texted everyone after his calculus tests saying, “I BEASTED THAT TEST,” I knew he would be perfect. Thai jumped at the chance to do the interview (looking for any excuse to not do his lab report) and so I gave him the question and told him to think about it for a few minutes before we would begin. When presented with the question he became less excited, but he still looked at me ready to answer. Before hearing his answer I was curious as to why he wasn’t excited to answer this question and so I asked him about it. Thai revealed to me that he was expecting a “five minutes of fame” type interview, not one concerning math. He also said that he felt that this question wasn’t even his level type math. He seemed almost insulted that I would give him such a question, but we began anyway. Anavi: How is the division of 8/2 different or similar to (1/5)/(2/3)? Thai: It’s similar in the sense that they are both division, but they are different because they produce different answers Anavi: What is division? Thai: division is a math operation in which you take the number on the top and split it into equal groups of the number on the bottom Anavi : What do you mean by split? Thai: When you split something you are dividing it… well er I guess you are breaking it
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up. Like if you were to want to give equal amounts of M&Ms to your little brothers. If you had 10 M&Ms and they each put out their hand you would split the 10 into two groups to give them 5 each or you could do it one by one… alternating as you go and still
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interview 2 - Interview#2 Embracing the Shortcuts The...

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