Gardner Chapter 5 - Question 7: Briefly explain what is...

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Biological Perspectives + Tracking Last First Class ID# Section GARDNER (CH 5) Question 1: What is phrenology? Question 2: What role did the study of brain injured patients play in exploring the function of the brain? Question 3: What role do the frontal lobes appear to have in relation to intelligence? Question 4: What did Marcel Kinsbourne say about the attempts to identify a specific location in the brain for intelligence? Question 5: In what way does Arthur Jensen suggest that intelligence is a property of the nervous system? NRC - TRACKING Question 6: Name at least three factors that contribute to the practice of tracking *nearly universal* in the teaching of mathematics (and science)?
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Unformatted text preview: Question 7: Briefly explain what is meant by the *vicious circle for low tracks* for teacher distribution. Question 8: Do tracks serve a *remedial function* in helping students catch up with students in order tracks? Explain. Question 9: What role do *ability tests*(nature) and/or * competency tests*(nurture) have in tracking and especially in minority students being disproportionately represented in low-track classes and underrepresented in programs for the gifted and talented? Question 10: How could this inform your teaching and/or your life in schools? <<<=== REMEMBER TO PRESS...
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Gardner Chapter 5 - Question 7: Briefly explain what is...

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