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The Dobson fly is an unusual  insect that spends the majority  of its life in the water as a  larva.  This larva is known as  hellgrammite.  Although both  male and female Dobson flies  have mandibles, the males are  much bigger.  Since the males’  mandibles are so long they are  completely harmless to  humans, and are more of a  decoration.  On the other hand,  the females’ mandibles are small, but very sharp, and  have the ability to even draw blood.  The  hellgrammites live in the water for a few years, and 
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Unformatted text preview: then make a cocoon, which they stay in all through winter sometimes. Once they finally hatch the Dobson fly only lives for around seven days. Since they only live on land for about seven days they do not eat as an adult. The Dobson fly can reach a staggering length of up to five inches. As adults, the Dobson fly dies right after depositing its eggs near a body of water....
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