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Federalism Bibliography - Federalism Bibliography 1)...

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Federalism Bibliography 1) Wilson, James Q., and John J. Dilulio, Jr. American Government . Ed. Katherine Meisenheimer, Lisa Kalner Williams, and Carol Newman. 10th ed. Boston: Charles Hartford, 2006. a. The United States government’s power is divided between state and local government parts, both of these parts of government act directly upon the people in different ways. In order for changes in government to occur both, sides or parts must agree on a constitutional change. The United States federal system is one in which sovereignty is shared. In some cases the national government is ruled supreme and in others, the states are ruled supreme. An example of a different country that uses this form of government would be Canada. The idea behind a federalist government is the combination of different parts of previous forms of government from other countries that have worked successfully. 2) Mott, Jonathan, Ph.D. "Federalism." ThisNation.com . 25 Sept. 2007. C-Span. 30 Sept. 2007 <http://www.thisnation.com/federalism.html>. a. From the website ThisNation.com the Federalist papers 45 and 46 show how the state governments were to exercise checks and balances on how the national government to maintain limited government over time. Federalist No.45 talks about the consideration of the alleged danger from
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Federalism Bibliography - Federalism Bibliography 1)...

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