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Vi CONTENTS ANSWERS TO ENGLISH USAGE AND SENTENC E CORRECTION PRACTIC E Answer Key for English Usage and Sentence Correction Practice 162 Part I: English Usage 163 Part II: Sentence Correction 167 Part III: English Usage 17 1 PART III: WRITING TIMED ESSAY S ESSAY WRITING STRATEGIES The Narrative/Descriptive Essay 180 The Analytical/Expository Essay 185 Review 1.8 7 Sample Essays 188 The Narrative/Descriptive Essay 188 The Analytical/Expository Essay 190 The "Choose Between Options" Essay 192 ESSAY WRITING PRACTICE
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Unformatted text preview: CBEST 195 English Placement and Proficiency Tests 198 LSAT 200 ESSAY CHECKLISTS 205 PART IV : VERBAL ABILITY VERBAL ABILITY STRATEGIES Prefixes 21 7 Suffixes 21 8 Roots 21 9 Antonyms and Synonyms 220 Analogies 222 Sentence Completion 225 Summary of Major Strategies for Success on Vocabulary Skills Tests 22 7 VERBAL ABILITY PRACTICE Answer Sheet for Verbal Ability Practice 229 Antonyms 233 Analogies 243 Sentence Completion 254...
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