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Unformatted text preview: 6 INTRODUCTIO N HOW TO USE THIS GUID E 1. Review the materials concerning your test provided by the testin g company . This information is usually available at no charge an d will detail the areas and question types for your particular exam . 2. Take the diagnostic test at the beginning of Part II : Grammar an d Usage . Note any area of particular difficulty . 3. Study the Grammar and Usage Review in its entirety, concentrating particularly on those areas that gave you difficulty in th e Diagnostic Test . Complete each of the exercises in this section t o be sure that you've thoroughly understood each concept . 4. Based on the information in your test bulletin and on the chart o f question types on page 4 of this book, determine which section s pertain to your specific exam . 5. Thoroughly study the strategy sections for each of those questio n types . 6. Work all the practice sections for your question types, breakin g the work into shorter timed study sessions . The test bulletin wil l tell you how many questions you will be expected to answer in a given time period . Base the length of your work sessions on thes e requirements . You will find it helpful to allow yourself slightl y less time than you will have on the actual exam . 7. If time permits, be sure to work through those strategy an d practice sessions that are not specific to your exam as well . You will find that this practice will " fine-tune " your verbal skills . ...
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