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Unformatted text preview: 10 GRAMMAR AND USAG E Analysis It is important to remember that you are looking for errors i n standard written English, not conversational English, and that th e parts not underlined in the sentence are correct . Thus you must us e the nonunderlined parts to help you determine which underline d part may be wrong . For example : 1. Each boy in the third and fourth sections of the clas s A B gave their reasons for liking sports . No error . C D E Note that Each boy is not underlined, so the subject of the sentence i s singular . Therefore, their is incorrect . It should be his to agree with the singular subject . The incorrect part of the sentence is (C) . Other agreement errors in standard written English may includ e subject—verb errors such as : 2. The wandering pack of dogs, first seen by the citizens many A C B years ago, were feared by all who lived in the town . No error . D E Here, since the subject of the sentence is pack (singular), the ver b must also be singular, was . The incorrect part of this sentence is (C) . Other errors may include faulty parallelism : 3. Ernie's diligence in studying every night allowed him t o A score high grades, to gain the respect of his peers , B C and admission to college . No error . D E the final part of the series is not in the same form as the first tw o parts . It should be something like to earn admission or to wi n admission, so that it parallels the form of the other items to score and to gain. Choice (D) should be chosen . You may also find an error in idiom (nonstandard usage) : ...
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