00021_253edcf9a54d - ENGLISH USAGE AND SENTENCE CORRECTION TYPES 11 4 Compromising over a number of delicate issues the member s A of the school

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Unformatted text preview: ENGLISH USAGE AND SENTENCE CORRECTION TYPES 11 4 . Compromising over a number of delicate issues, the member s A of the school board successfully resolved their problems . B C D No error . E The expression compromising over is unidiomatic . It should be compromising on . Part (A) is not correct standard written Englis h and therefore is the correct answer . Many other types of usage errors will appear in this question type . You will find them explained in the Grammar and Usage Revie w which follows the Diagnostic Test . ENGLISH USAGE—TYPE 2 Directions Another sort of English usage question appears on tests such as the American College Testing exam (ACT) . This type prints complet e paragraphs and requires you to determine if part of a sentence i s incorrect and then to correct it, if necessary, by choosing from amon g several choices . If the underlined part is correct and makes sense wit h the rest of the passage, choose the answer that says "N O CHANGE. " Analysi s You should assume that any part of the passage not underlined i s correct and that the requirements are of standard written English , not conversational English . For example : Furthering one ' s goals may require 1 .A . NO CHANGE more effort than one had originally B . its intended . However, a man may underC . ones ' estimate their capacity for work when D . his setting out to accomplish some task . Since the subject of the second sentence is a man (singular), their (plural) is incorrect . The pronoun must be singular to agree wit h man . Choice (D) properly corrects the error . ...
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