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12 GRAMMAR AND USAGE Punctuation may also need to be corrected . For example: When packing for a hiking trip, 2.F . NO CHANGE you should insure that the following items G . backpack, insec t are included in your backpack; insect H . backpack: insect 2 J . backpack. Insect spray, a good compass, a map, and a bottle of water . The correct punctuation preceeding a list is a colon . Therefore choice (H) is correct . Many other kinds of usage errors will appear in this question type, and they are included in the Grammar and Usage Review . SENTENCE CORRECTION Directions This is a third form of question testing your knowledge of standard written English . In this question type, you must choose the best of five different versions of a sentence . If the original sentence most full y meets the requirements of correct and effective English, choice (A) ,
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Unformatted text preview: which repeats the underlined portion exactly, is correct . If the underlined part is incorrect, awkward, or ambiguous, you must pic k the version that best corrects it and retains the meaning of th e originally underlined phrase. Again, you must assume that any par t of the sentence not underlined is correct and cannot be changed . Analysis An example: 1 . The rigors of high office often demand stamina, persistence, an d having great patience. (A) stamina, persistence, and having great patience . (B) stamina, persistence, and great patience . (C) that a person has stamina, persistence, and patience . (D) having stamina, persistence, and having great patience . (E) having stamina, being persistent, and having patience ....
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