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Unformatted text preview: DIAGNOSTIC TES T PART I : ENGLISH USAGE DIRECTION S Some of the following sentences are correct . Others contai n problems in grammar, usage, idiom, or diction (word choice) . There is not more than one error in any sentence . If there is an error, it will be underlined and lettered . Find the on e underlined part that must be changed to make the sentence correct, and choose the corresponding letter on your answer sheet . Mark (E ) if the sentence contains no error . 1. The mayor continually asserted that one of the crucial strengths A of the political system is each individual having the right to B D C E determine which way he or she will vote . No error . 2. The concept of hypocrisy applies to morals ; a person shoul d A be good and not merely seem so, and a bad person B is little mended by pretense of goodness . No error . D E 3. We should support those proposals for increasin g or redistributing tax money that will raise the per pupil A B D C expenditure in our cities and equalize them throughout the public school system . No error . E 4. Like Faulkner, Porter's short stories give the reader a vivi d A B C D sense of what life in New Orleans must have been like in th e twenties and thirties . No error . E 17 ...
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