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Unformatted text preview: 18 GRAMMAR AND USAG E 5. His intention was not to establish a new sect or in any wa y A to decrease the power of Canterbury but in hope of making B D C the bishops cut back their lavish outlay of church funds . No error . E 6. Despite his poor start, Williams is the player whom I thin k A C D E B is most likely to win the batting crown . No error . 7. Most all the instruments in the orchestra are tuned jus t A D B C before the concert begins ; the piano, of course, is a n exception . No error . E 8. The fall in wheat prices, together with a decline in the demand s A for beef, have effected a significant drop in the value of B C E D Swenson Company stock . No error . 9. The number of Irish immigrants in Boston was large r A C B than Italian or Scottish, but it was not until 1900 tha t Boston ' s first Irish mayor was elected . No error . D E 10. The trustees of the fund which determine the awarding of th e A C B D grants are expected to meet in New York, not Washington . No error . E ...
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