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DIAGNOSTIC TEST 1 9 11. The increasing number of predators that carry infectious A B diseases to the herds of zebra and gnu are a serious concern D of park rangers. No error. E 12. The humor of the fable on which these questions are based A B derive from a logical problem relating to the drawing of C D conclusions from evidence . No error. E 13. Everybody stationed at the American embassy in Moscow have been affected in some way by the radio waves, but there is A B not yet any certainty about just what the effects have been. C D No error. E 14. The speaker discussed the difficulty of finding a
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Unformatted text preview: single job A that combines financial security, creativity, personal growth , B and opportunities to help others and effect social change. C D No error. E 15. Unaffected by neither hunger nor cold, Scott covered up t o A twenty miles on each of the days that the weather B permitted him to travel at all. No error. C D E 16. Among the pleasures of the film is the subtle performance b y A B W. C . Fields and the more boisterous antics of the youthful C D Mae West. No error . E...
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