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20 GRAMMAR AND USAG E 17 . I had no sooner picked up my spoon to begin my soup when th e A B waiter descended on me with my salad, main course, and coffee . C D No error . E 18 . Hoping to lie as close to the water as possible, I laid m y A B C towel on the sand, unpacked my sun lotion, and settled down fo r D the afternoon . No error . E 19 . Seen from above, the island and the mainland together ar e A shaped something like a droopy, spreading oak tree as a chil d B C D might draw it . No error . E 20 . The altitude, temperature, and wind conditions of the plai n make cattle raising impossible, and this is why protei n A B deficiency is so common among the villagers . No error . D E PART II : SENTENCE CORRECTIO N DIRECTION S Some part of each sentence below is underlined ; sometimes th
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Unformatted text preview: ; sometimes the whole sentence is underlined . Five choices for rephrasing the under-lined part follow each sentence ; the fist choice (A) repeats the original, and the other four are different . If choice (A) seems bette r than the alternatives, choose answer (A) ; if not, choose one of the others. For each sentence, consider the requirements of standard writte n English . Your choice should be a correct and effective expression, not awkward or ambiguous . Focus on grammar, word choice, sentence construction, and punctuation . If a choice changes the meaning of th e original sentence, do not select it ....
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