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DIAGNOSTIC TEST 27 mark the letter indicating "NO CHANGE ." If the underlined portion is incorrect, decide which of the choices best corrects it . Consider only underlined portions ; assume that the rest of the passage is correct as written . Passage I Theodore Roosevelt was vic e president when McKinley was assassinated in 1901 . As the Republican candidate, he wa s elected to be the president in 1904, and he declined to run 2 for a third term. He supported Taft, the Republican nomine e in 1908, and he was elected 3 by a wide margin . By 1912,
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Unformatted text preview: Roosevelt became dissatisfied 4 with Taft, and ran i n 5 opposition to Taft and Wilso n 5 as the candidate of a third party, the Progressives . 1 . A . NO CHANG E B. to be president C. to the presidenc y D. to president 2. F . NO CHANGE G. 1904 and H. 1904, and then J . 1904, but 3 . A . NO CHANG E B. in 1908; who C. in 1908 who D. in 1908, he 4. F . NO CHANGE G. had become dissatisfied H. dissatisfied J . was unsatisfied 5 . A . NO CHANG E B. ran opposed to C. ran as opposition o f D. opposed to...
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