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Unformatted text preview: 28 GRAMMAR AND USAG E Wilson, the Democrati c 6 candidate, was the winner of th e 6 election of 1912, and he wa s to win again in the election o f 6 . F . NO CHANG E G. (DO NOT begin ne w paragraph) Th e Democratic candidate , Wilson , H. (DO NOT begin ne w paragraph) The Democratic candidate , Wilson J . Wilson, th e Democratic candidat e 7 . A . NO CHANG E B. Perhaps known bes t C. Though he is , perhaps , best known D. Best known, perhaps , 8 . F . NO CHANGE G. both of labor as well as business . H. of both busines s and labor . J . both of busines s as well as of labor . 9 . A . NO CHANG E B . was of no significan t C. had no significan t D. was withou t any significant 1916 . Known best, perhaps, for 7 his failure to persuade th e Senate to join the League o f Nations, Wilson ' s first term as president was marked by reform . Wilson' s management of the wa r was efficient and tactful, and he won the backing both of busines s 8 and labor . He suffered the thir d 8 of three strokes in 1919, and thereafter he is without an y 9 significant political influence . 9 Passage II For two years ever sinc e a Turkish sponge diver firs t spotted it —a joint TurkishAmerican team has been ...
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