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Unformatted text preview: DIAGNOSTIC TEST 29 excavating a shipwreck 150 fee t below the surface off th e 10 southern coast of Turkey . Th e 10 10 . A . NO CHANG E B. of the southern coas t C. off of th e southern coas t D. off of the south coast 11 . F . NO CHANG E G. ship, so it s H. ship, it 's J . ship, so it 's wrecked ship, its salvagers 11 surmise, was Greek . It probabl y set sail from Syria with a carg o of tin and glass from farthe r east and stopped in Cyprus t o load three tons of copper ingot s and several crates of pottery . It was headed for Greece whe n 12 it was driven on the rocks an d 12 sank. The cargo wasn't salvaged 12 at the time because the ship' s owners didn't have the tech - 12 . A . NO CHANG E B. when it was drive n on the rocks and was sunk. C. when it was drive n on the rocks and was sunken . D. sinking, when it wa s driven on the rocks . 13 . F . NO CHANG E G. to do that . H. to do so . J . to do this . 14 . A . NO CHANG E B. So far C. So far , D. Up to this time , 15 . F . NO CHANG E G. many cargo an d artifacts H. much of the artifact s and carg o J . much of the carg o and many artifacts nology to do it . That was abou t 13 3,400 years ago . Up to the present point in 14 time, the salvagers have brough t 14 up much of the cargo and o f 15 the artifacts, as well a s 15 part of the keel and some ...
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