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DIAGNOSTIC TEST 29 excavating a shipwreck 150 fee t below the surface off th e 1 0 southern coast of Turkey . Th e 1 0 wrecked ship, its salvager s 1 1 surmise, was Greek . It probabl y set sail from Syria with a carg o of tin and glass from farthe r east and stopped in Cyprus t o load three tons of copper ingot s and several crates of pottery . It was headed for Greece whe n 1 2 it was driven on the rocks an d 1 2 sank . The cargo wasn't salvage d 1 2 at the time because the ship' s owners didn't have the tech - nology to do it . That was abou t 1 3 3,400 years ago . Up to the present point i n 1 4 time, the salvagers have brough t 1 4 up much of the cargo and o f 1 5 the artifacts, as well a s 1 5 part of the keel and some 10 . A . NO CHANGE B. of the southern coas
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