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30 GRAMMAR AND USAG E planking from the vessel itself . "These bones of the wreck pus h back our knowledge of Mediter- ranean ship-building by nearl y a millenium," an archeologis t writes. He believes the coppe r and tin brought west for 1 6 the express purpose of manu- facturing bronze weapons and tools . His team is salvaging history itself. The evidence of a 1 7 flourishing international trade ; the mystery of eight ston e anchors each weighing 600 to 800 pounds, somehow loaded on board before the invention o f block and tackle; the artifacts of the maritime industry that was at the heart of ancient Greek
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Unformatted text preview: civilization. They will kee p scholars and onlookers enthralle d for years. Passage II I Demands for reform of th e electoral process have diminishe d because Mr. Reagan has won two elections easily. The Electoral College comes most into question after such close presidentia l elections as 1960 between 1 8 John Kennedy and 16. A. NO CHANGE B. were brought west C. were being brought west D. was being brought west 17 . F . NO CHANGE G. itself; the H. itself: the J . itself, the 18 . A. NO CHANGE B. like 1960 C. as that of 1960 D. like that of 1960...
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