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Quiz4answerWinter2010 - CHEM 153L QUIZ 4 Kinetics FORM A...

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CHEM 153L QUIZ 4: Kinetics FORM A Tuesday, February 23, 2010 NAME: ________________________________ SECTION: ____________ For TA use only: T1 _______ + T2 ________ + T3 __________= Total Score: ________ General Instructions: 1. Answers written in with pencil or erasable pen may forfeit any possible regrades. 2. If you have finished early, place your quiz face down and wait till time is called. Do not leave your seat until the quiz is done. 3. Unless specified, multiple-choice questions may have more than 1 correct answer. Circle all that apply. If you select the wrong choice, you will be deducted points – so avoid guessing. 4. Useful information: Molar Abs of NADH = 6220 M -1 cm -1 , Molar Abs. of pyruvate = 18 M -1 cm -1. v o = (Vmax[S])/(Km+[S])
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Use the graph on the left for problems 1 - 3. 1. Suppose the graph on the right is a survey set of enzyme assays simultaneously measured for this week’s lab, except you only ran three dilutions of your purified enzyme and a no enzyme control (data not shown). The substrate mixture was made by adding 1 ml of [0.19] mM NADH, 0.5 ml of 2 mM pyruvate, 0.4 ml phosphate buffer, and 0.1 ml aliquot containing some concentration of LDH/phosphate buffer. a) How can you tell that Assay B and C provide a better estimate of the initial velocity than assay A? Show any necessary estimation, and explain your answer in 1-2 sentences using the line below. Value should have been approximately 0.6 if you have the right strategy. Be sure to show all work. b) Is the substrate mixture above the least or most concentrated of the subsequent kinetic reaction set? __ Most concentrated (survey experiment) (+1) __ c) Given the make-up of the substrate mixture above, explain the strategy of how the subsequent kinetic reactions that follow the survey experiment would be varied in reagent volumes. Limit your answer to the space provided.
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Quiz4answerWinter2010 - CHEM 153L QUIZ 4 Kinetics FORM A...

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