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CHEM 153L QUIZ 1 FORM A Thursday 24 th , 2010 NAME: ________________________________ SECTION: ____________ TA use only: Page totals = P1. _______ P2 ________ P3 _________ = ___________ General Instructions: 1. Answers written in with pencil or erasable pen may forfeit any possible regrades. 2. If you have finished early, place your quiz face down and wait till time is called. Do not leave your seat until the quiz is done. 3. Unless specified, multiple-choice questions may have more than 1 correct answer. Circle the letter for all that apply. If you select the wrong choice, you will be deducted points – so avoid guessing. READ EACH SELECTION CAREFULLY. 4. It is preferred that you limit your answers to the space provided unless instructed otherwise. If you need to go over, do not exceed more than a sentence.
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1. Suppose you set out to determine the undiluted protein concentration of an unknown sample by performing a coomassie blue protein dye-binding assay. You make the following serial dilutions in duplicate: Step 1: 200 μl of the undiluted unknown and adding water to obtain a final volume of 2.4 ml. Step 2: You perform an 8 fold dilution on the 1 st step solution. You then take 50 μl from each of the “step 2” dilutions and add it to dye obtain the following absorbencies: 0.52 and 0.57. An appropriate standard curve was measured empirically with your unknowns. The plot is shown to the right. a. What is the dilution factor for “step 1’s dilution”? Show all work in the space below and write your answer in the line provided. V2/V1 = 2.4 ml/0.2 ml = 12 (+1) Dilution factor __ 12 ______ b. Suppose in “step 2’s dilution”, you removed 200 μl of “step 1’s dilution”. How much diluent (i.e. water) must you add to make “step 2”? Show all work in the space below, and write your final answer in the lines provided. V2/200μl = 8 --> V2 = 8 * 200μl = 1600μl 1600 μl – 200μl = 1400 μl (+1) Volume _ 1400 μl __ c. Determine the average undiluted concentration of the unknown sample above. Be sure to report the value with proper significant figures and the error in μg/ml.
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Q1ASummer2010Answer - CHEM 153L QUIZ 1 FORM A Thursday...

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