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ExamIIFormABlankWinter2010 - Exam II Form A 153L WINTER...

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Exam II : Form A Name:_____________________ 153L WINTER 2010 TA:_________Section:______ March 9, 2010 TA Use Only: Be sure to: Write your name on the first and last page. Check that there are 6 pages including the cover page. Show all work – for math problems, if strategy is not shown , then points will not be awarded! Do not skip logical steps in explaining your reasoning. But keep the answers direct. Do not repeat the question in your answer. Run-on sentences will be grammatically corrected & then graded based new sentence count. “Shotgun” answers full of keywords that do not make sense will not result in full credit. If you don’t know the answer to a question, then write what you think – don’t try to guess. Multiple choice questions could have more than one right answer. Wrong answers results in deductions. If you have finished before before the last 10 minutes of the exam, then you may leave early. If you have finished within the last 10 minutes, please place your exam faced down and remain seated until time has been called. Useful information: v o = (Vmax[S])/(Km+[S]), alpha = 1 + [I]/K I Score: P1.______P2.______P3.______ P4________P5________= _______ / 80pts.
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1. During our LDH lab, suppose you homogenized the muscle tissue without using cold buffer, and then centrifuged the homogenate. You then assayed the supernatant enzyme and protein amounts using our standard assays. Assume the listed steps are the only significant changes to the crude extract preparation. How would the following values compare to a correct procedure done on the same starting tissue? (Choose: Lower, higher, the same) Protein Total _________ Enzyme Total _________ P.F. __________ % Yield ___________ Identify the sources that could lead to changes in values that you listed above: _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________ Consider the following ammonium sulfate survey data for questions 3-5: 2. Which two-step procedure gives the highest purity, and what is your chosen step’s percent yield relative to the crude (Show work & use the line provided for yield)? Yield:__________________ 3. Which two-step procedure gives the greatest recovery while still allowing for some increase in purity? What is your chosen step’s purification factor (Show work & use the line provided for PF) ?
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ExamIIFormABlankWinter2010 - Exam II Form A 153L WINTER...

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