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Ling1F10_syllabus - Linguistics 1 Introduction to the Study...

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Linguistics 1 Introduction to the Study of language Class: TR 9:30 10:45, Haines 39 Instructor: Shabnam Shademan Office: 3103G Campbell Hall Office hours: T 11-12, R 12:30-1:30 TAs: Laura Kalin ([email protected]) Laura McPherson ([email protected]) Laura Amador ([email protected]) Jenn Fischer ([email protected]) Mattyas Huggard ([email protected]) Mai-Han Nguyen ([email protected]) Youngsoon So ([email protected]) Office: 2209 Campbell Hall Office hours: TAs will announce their office hours in section. Required Text: Fromkin, V., Rodman, R., and Hyams, N. An Introduction to Language , 9 th edition: Thomson-Wadsworth. Course description: This course is an introductory survey of the central areas of linguistics: phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantic, psycholinguistics. We will discuss what it means for a person to know a language, how that knowledge is acquired, how that knowledge might change in the course of history, and what is universal about all languages. The goal is to introduce you various facets of language as a human faculty. Course website: There is a website for this class that can be accessed through: http://ccle.ucla.edu/ Copies of power point slides for each week s lectures will be posted to the website by Monday afternoon. You are advised to print out copies of the slides (choose the handout option to print several to a page) and bring them to class with you. Discussion Sections: You are required to enroll and attend one weekly discussion section. All assignments are collected, returned and discussed in your section. Sections are largely devoted to reviewing homework assignments and preparing you for exams and your paper. You must attend sections regularly.
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Linguistics 1 Shademan Syllabus, p. 2 Fall 10 Discussion Sections & Assigned TAs Section Days Building Room TA 1A R 1-2pm ROYCE 152 Laura Amador 1B R 1-2pm BUNCHE 3157 Jenn Fischer 1C R 1-2pm PUB AFF 1256 Mai-Han Nguyen 1D R 2-3pm BUNCHE 3143 Laura Amador 1E R 2-3pm HAINES A6 Jenn Fischer 1F R 2-3pm ROYCE 162 Youngsoon So 1G R 3-4pm HAINES A6 Laura Kalin 1H R 3-4pm HAINES A28 Youngsoon So 1I R 3-4pm DODD 178 Laura McPherson 1J R 4-5pm HAINES A82 Youngsoon So
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