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Physiological Science 111B - Foundations in Physiological Science Spring 2010 Syllabus for Sections 1C, 1K and 1L TA: Shana Dahlan OH’s: Wednesday 2-3 pm at Court of Sciences; Friday 1-2 pm at Cafe Synapse Email: [email protected] Sections: 1C, Tuesday 10-12 pm; 1K, Friday 10-12 pm; 1L, Friday 2-4 pm Course Description: Principles of muscular, cardiovascular and respiratory physiology. http://www.lsic.ucla.edu/classes/spring10/ Discussion Sections: One, 2 hour meeting each week in LS 2226. Topics of discussion are designed to help students comprehend lecture concepts and will include clarification of lecture material, problem-solving, and/or discussion of original research. Section Assignments: Three total literature searches will be done on current research and must reflect the content of the course (first search on muscle physiology, second on
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